Tdot Illdude


Thomas “TDot” Goodwin started creating music at 14 years old battle rapping and free-styling around his Willingboro, NJ neighborhood before forming rap group, FRONTLINE, with childhood friend Big Rod, Cardiak and Cato. The buzz surrounding FRONTLINE took the New Jersey/Philly-area music scene by storm and established rapper Tdot illdude as a staple in the East Coast independent music world.
Over the years, Tdot studied his craft and grew into a well-versed writer and budding artist. Together with childhood friend, producer and FRONTLINE bandmate, Cardiak, Tdot founded the company HeartFelt Music, through which, they discovered young songwriters and producers for collaborations and built a signature sound. At HeartFelt, Tdot served a second role as manager to the label’s producers and successfully landed them placements on a variety of notable major label rap acts’ records.

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